Why would anyone use a Travel Agent?

Why would anyone use a Travel Agent?

Posted by in Disney Vacations, Travel Tips | May 08, 2012

I so often hear why would anyone use a travel agent anymore?  After spending 4 days in Anaheim, doing 42 hotel inspections it confirms my constant thought, why wouldn’t you?  As agents (the good ones anyway) spend a large portion of each year doing inspections of properties, so when we send a client there, we have seen it ourselves. So we know if it is clean, what amenities it has, where it is located, what is nearby etc., and we have also started or continued a relationship with the property manager, which holds out SO many benefits for the client – from simple things like getting requests met, to larger things like help when something goes wrong during their stay.  Plus the amount of firsthand knowledge you get and peace of mind it brings to know your reservations are being handled by a professional.  I now know which 6 of the “Good Neighbor” Hotels are the ones to avoid do you?   Check with your travel professional…

Crowne Plaza Embassy Suites Sheraton The Anabella

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