Aubree Carter, an avid traveler since childhood, had always dreamed of a life that would allow her to travel while still being a wife & mom. After a wonderful honeymoon at Disneyland in 1993, she began a lifelong love with Disney. (You should see her office, people call it a Disney shrine!) This Disney obsession was later combined with her love of travel and resulted in her owning her own travel agency. In 1997 she had the opportunity to become a travel agent and attended school in Seattle for training. She began her career at Affordable Travel. The rest as they say…is history!

Our company has been family owned & operated since 1998. For the first decade, our business was known as Aubree’s Affordable Travel. Although we are still very affordable, our name has been simplified to “Aubree’s Travel” and many of you find us through our Disney geared link of www.mymousetrip.com or our Tropical geared link of www.beachbumtrips.com or even our combined link www.tropicalmouse.com! However you found us, we are happy you are here! Aubree’s Travel has continued to work closely with Christina who owns Affordable Travel and her staff.

Aubree and her agents travel to the destinations they specialize in frequently to provide clients with first hand advice. They also undergo constant training via seminars, webinars and site inspections. Imagine the difference all this knowledge will make when put to use in planning your vacation!

Meet my team

Aubree Carter

Travel Agent

Owner, and Destination Specialist. Aubree focuses on what she knows and loves…Disney and Tropical vacation planning.

Christina Demmon

Travel Agent

Cruise and Europe Specialist. Christina has exceptional knowledge and experience in planning Cruises and European Vacations and Tours.

Judy Guagenti

Travel Agent

The newest member of our team, Judy has extensive travel experience in the Hawaiian Islands and is a Cruise Specialist.

Kristopher Carter

Graphic Designer

Webmaster, Designer and Artist