FAQ about Aubree's Travel

A big warm hello from me, Aubree, your fun loving travel agent from Cottage Grove, OR! I thought I would type up some of the most commonly asked questions I hear about travel, my business and saving money etc.

Q: Who are you anyway?

A: Well, I am a travel agency owner in the small town of Cottage Grove, about 20 minutes south of Eugene, Oregon. My friend Christina opened Affordable Travel about 15 years ago, which is where I started. It was so fun being a part of a company from the beginning. We even went to our travel agent training together in Seattle! Eventually she sold the travel agency, and I continued on with my own little agency known as “Aubree’s Affordable Travel” and then eventually simplified it to just “Aubree’s Travel”. The original office of Affordable Travels clients are now serviced by Aubree’s Travel.

Q: Why should I contact you about travel services?

A: I absolutely LOVE what I do. It is my passion. This shines through massively in my work…AND…I’m cheap. 🙂 So I combine many years of experience with great relationships with wholesalers and you come out ahead! Plus, if you want to deal with a real human with a sense of humor and still get great on-line pricing, I am your gal. Travel is definitely one of those things you can do yourself, but if the price is the same or better & I do all the work…why not try me out? In fact, you can build the whole trip on-line and send it to me to see if I can match or beat it!

Q: Won’t it be cheaper if I just book it myself?

A: It can be. I would say 97% of the time my price is the same, or cheaper than the big on-line guys like Expedia & Orbitz etc. If I can’t beat it, I will just tell you that, no biggie. When you buy a package through me you can usually do a small deposit, and then make payments until your date of travel, which is helpful for families on a tight budget. If you really love to do all the work yourself, please visit my BOOK ONLINE page, which has many of the “big guys” all under one roof.

Q: How in the world do you make money you must charge service fees, right?

A: I usually do not charge a service fee on vacation packages. I am paid by the wholesalers I use. I just find the cheapest way to get you to where you are going & you and I will have fun piecing it all together! So for instance if you book a trip with one of the big on-line agencies, you do all the work and they keep the commission. If you book with me, I do all the work, get the commission and you get a great agent by your side.

Q: What should I do next?

A: So for wherever your travels take you, let me show you the world.
Give me a call (541-942-7189) or click here to send me an e-mail today!

Q: What if I feel guilty spending money on vacations?

A: When you get old and your kids ask where all the money went, show them all the vacation videos.